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Gothenburg, Sweden, 4-6 September 2018


The IMRF’s Mass Rescue Operations (MRO) Project shares lessons learned in these very challenging SAR events via conferences and workshops and in our online material at

Building on the success of the first IMRF MRO subject-matter expert course, held in June 2017, a second course will be held at Chalmers University, in Gothenburg, Sweden, from Tuesday to Thursday, 4-6 September 2018.


Aim of the Course

The aim of the subject-matter expert course is to help prepare those with responsibilities for complex incident planning and response, particularly at senior command, control & coordination levels.

Attendees will already have extensive SAR / emergency planning expertise.

The course will enable them to study maritime MRO issues, challenges and potential solutions in depth, acquiring subject-matter expert skills which can then be applied in their local / regional planning and preparation.


Course Format

Self-preparation, before the course, including assessment of the attendee’s local MRO capabilities and challenges
Three full days of interactive study of the maritime MRO issues, guided by expert facilitators
Post-course application of lessons learned and skills acquired, supported by the material available in the IMRF’s online MRO reference library.


Course Outcomes

  The individual is enabled to consider and discuss MRO challenges and solutions, with a ‘toolbox’ of material to assist him/her in the application of lessons learned during the course 
  The attendees’ parent organisations gain MRO subject-matter experts 
  The international group of people who have considered and discussed the issues in depth is expanded, enabling the IMRF to continue to encourage preparations for MROs by employing subject-matter experts as necessary and as available. 


Course Content

The course will include discussion of the following main subject areas:

planning for mass rescue operations:
  o responsibilities and roles
  o planning considerations
filling the ‘capability gap’:
  o identifying additional SAR facilities
  o sharing SAR facilities regionally
  o providing on-board support
response coordination, command and control
communications planning
search action, including accounting for all those involved
rescue – retrieval, and support during rescue – and/or support on scene
effective use of available facilities
identifying ‘places of safety’, and action required there
maritime / shoreside response coordination
public relations
MRO training and testing: the ‘feedback cycle’.


Course Cost, and Bookings

The cost of the course will be €500 for IMRF Members , and €800 for non-members.

Accommodation options (new window) will be advertised shortly.

Course places will be allocated following an assessment process designed to ensure that the applicant will find the course of real benefit. Expressions of interest in attending will be welcome.

Further Information

To express interest in attending the course, please complete the Expression of Interest Form (new window) and we will keep you up to date with the latest news.

For more information on the IMRF’s MRO Project visit (new window).

If you would like to enquire about becoming a member (new window), and for other enquiries, please contact the IMRF office: e-mail, or phone +44 (0)1569 767405.

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